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What is this all about?

You need a perfectly clear sky on a special occassion and don't want to rely on good luck? You want to mess up your ex-girlfriends wedding metereologically? No problem - just order the weather of your choice!


How does it work?

As you can imagine we don't want to give to much of our know how to other competitors. But on the page "How does it work" we offer you some information about how we can give you the weather you want.


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You want to go straight forward and order the weather of your choice right now? No problem - click on "Order Weather" and enter your wish in our form.
To view what kind of weather other people ordered for a certain day and place click on "View ordered Weather".


Customer Testimonies

We love to satisfy the wishes of our customers. Some of them write us nice mails after that. On the page "Customer Testimonies" we publish the nicest ones of them. Just have a look and get convinced of our unique service. To give us feedback you can use our Contact form