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About Customer Testimonies

Here you can read about what other customers wrote about our service. If you are a happy customer too, please use our contact form to tell us about it. Perhaps your statement will be placed here. We reserve the right to shorten, change or ignore your mail.

Saved my wedding!

We married on Friday 13th. and my bride definitely wanted to wear her bikini. Thanks to your service we could rely on spending our honeymoon without pneumonia.
Peter S., Krefeld, Germany

Mine is the revenge!

My neighbour tilled his field before me this year. When it was the best time for harvesting I had to go to the hospital (alcoholic cirrhosis). If my grain would mould on the field, so why not his as well? I was first to enter my weather order at your service. He is still wondering were this october typhoon came from. LOL.
Anonymous, Potsdam, Germany

Good school marks without effort

Our teacher bet our class grade A in english if it would snow in september. If it didn't snow everyone should get mark E. He thought he couldn't lose. Instead of reading this stupid books we better invested our time in using your service. Thanks a lot from
class 8c, Hamburg, Germany

Sunshine Tour

Our boss always places the annual works outing on a day with a rainy forecast. Who doesn't want to wander wet has to work. For good luck we found your service in the internet. This time he had to close the whole factory and the weatherman at the local radio lost his job.
Chief of staff association, Mr. Schmidt, Neu-Ruppin, Germany

Simply perfect!

Everytime my parents in law come for a visit, they want to talk lang walks in the surrounding mountains. Since I got knowledge of your service it accidentally rains. Everytime. Of course I am not to blame for that :-) Why didn't I find out about you earlier?
Anonymous, Frankfurt, Germany